These Workouts Could Give Your Mental Health A Boost

By Nadia Murdock

Going into any workout with the mindset of how it can benefit your mind and body is a great way to approach movement. Connecting your mind and body through exercise has so many benefits, and the more aware you are of that the better. Take a look at the workouts below to get a deeper understanding of the mental and physical benefits of these exercise routines. 


Yoga is well known for its calming and grounding benefits when practiced regularly. However there are some other hidden rewards from this form of exercise that hugely benefits your mental health too. 

  • Keeps your brain young: Not only does yoga keep your body strong and fit, it can also reverse the ageing process of your brain. It can boost your memory, brain function, verbal skills and emotional resilience. 
  • Relieves anxiety and depression: When your overall well-being is enhanced through yoga, it can help to relieve stress in other parts of your life. Tools taken from this practice can help manage regular levels of stress in your life. 
  • Boosts concentration and memory: Certain poses in yoga can help to increase concentration like seated forward bend pose. In addition, yoga asana is beneficial to the sympathetic nervous system that plays a vital role in stress control. Too much stress can lead to an impaired memory. 


Boxing can be a great way to challenge yourself, both physically and mentally. The intensity of the exercise helps to get the endorphins flowing that can help elevate your mood and offer a natural anti-anxiety relief. 

“Boxing truly is the overall package when it comes to a well-rounded approach to wellness.  Boxing is an amazing way to let off steam and aggression while feeling strong and empowered. While the endorphins and side effects of exercise generally are great tools to support your mental health, Many boxers have said the confidence they build during their training has helped them conquer schoolwork, business endeavors and personal relationships.”  explains Reid Silverman, Director of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness.

Grabbing a pair of boxing gloves can give the opportunity to know yourself better, give yourself a challenge and relieve pent up aggression. 


Although you may find yourself in the water more during the warmer times of year, swimming is an excellent form of exercise all year round. Finding time for just 30 minutes of swimming can lower depression, anxiety and even help to improve your sleep. Being immersed in the water helps to boost blood to the brain and increase oxygen supply both positive impacts on brain health. According to Anxiety UK

“In a study carried out with the participation of 4,000 swimmers across the world, ¾ agreed that water-based activities helped release tension, while 68% of people felt being in the water made them feel happier in themselves.  For adults living with conditions such as dementia, swimming is a great way to improve memory, focus and concentration.

For many, being near the water offers a calming effect and that can easily influence the mind. 

No matter what the movement is there is always a mental benefit, finding a workout that makes you feel good inside and out is definitely a routine to stick to.

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