3 Things I Do In The Morning That Increased My Metabolism

By Sara McGlothlin

There are three things I do every morning that have had a positive impact on my metabolism, energy, hunger hormones, and weight management. For years, I was stuck in a yo-yo dieting mindset. I now know that blood sugar mismanagement coupled with a poor body image and an anxious relationship with food resulted in uncontrollable cravings, insatiable appetite (I felt hungry all of the time), low energy and fatigue, and stubborn pounds that would not shed.

Learning all about blood sugar management, hunger hormones and metabolism was a game changer for me! My energy increased, my cravings decreased, and I was able to focus on things that mattered more than food. Bye food anxiety and hanger!

Here are the three things I started to do every morning – and continue to do – that had a positive impact on my physically and energetically. Meditation, mindfulness, and mindset shifts also helped tremendously, but that is another post for another day.

This short and simple routine completely changed my metabolism; not only have I freed myself from a once-persistent “need to lose weight” state of mind, but I have gotten off the “glucoaster.” In other words, my body has become more metabolically flexible. I can feel the effects of now being a more efficient fuel burner, no longer riding the waves of sugar spikes and crashes. I am not at the mercy of my cravings, and my energy and focus remains consistent throughout the day.

Bulletproof Coffee.

I explain more about bulletproof coffee in this article, but incorporating healthy fats into my morning cup of joe got my blood sugar off to a balanced start. Full disclosure: when I first heard people were blending butter in their coffee, I thought they were mad and the dieting culture had taken a turn for the worse, but alas here I am doing it because it works! It’s science.

Fasted movement.

I will exercise or teach my barre class having just had my bulletproof coffee around 9-9:30am. Your body is an amazing machine and it will tap into its natural fuel stores to (em)power you through. This doesn’t work for everyone though, so listen to your body!

Empower Bar breakfast.

The recipe of the Empower Bar was specifically designed with blood sugar balance in mind. With a combination of healthy fats, fiber, protein, and low glycemic sweeteners, there is a reason why it became so popular so fast. Eating an Empower Bar helps you stay fuller for longer. I enjoy one with a low sugar green smoothie or yogurt. Our Granola Clusters also fit the mold. And while the Empower Bar has evolved from its pre-packaged form to the bake-your-own, the nutrition remains the same.

Try it and see how you feel, then let me know your thoughts!

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