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Sara McGlothlin is a holistic health coach, wellness writer, and fitness/yoga teacher based in Richmond, VA. Healthified Magazine, in conjunction with The Healthified Podcast, is an educational forum providing information and inspiration across various holistic health topics. Together with Gratisfied, she hopes to help you feel Healthified™, mind, body, and spirit.

She created the Gratisfied Empower Barfor friends, family, and clients, and after hearing how much people loved them, she knew she wanted to share them with the world. Since then, her products have evolved to become various bars, granolas, and baking mixes.

Additionally, her recipes reflect her belief that through upgraded ingredients and eating more color, food can be a beautiful and beneficial aspect of our lives – serving the purpose of nourishing our cells while simultaneously nourishing our souls.

The Healthified Podcast

The Healthified Podcast offers information and inspiration across various topics of wellness, from nutrition to movement to mindfulness. Each episode “shares the health” through both solo shows and interviews with others in the industry, to help you both learn and discern what you can apply to your life to become Healthified™, mind, body, and spirit.

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Real food nutrition bars made with blood sugar balance and metabolic science in mind. 

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