5 Tips To Help You Get (Back) Into Running This Spring

By Nadia Murdock

If you are one of many that took a break from running during the winter, you might be anxious to get back to your routine. With the weather warming up training outdoors to break up the months of indoor training sounds like just what you may need. 

Here some tips to get you back into the groove so you can start again without hesitation. 

1. Gradually ease back into things

This tip is very important. if you have taken a break for over two weeks you will want to ease into training slowly to avoid injury.  Try adding resistance training to your routine as a way to support your running regime. This style of training can also help to deter injuries and aid in recovery.  (Tip: If you are experiencing any sort of pain before resuming your running program seek medical advice to avoid furthering any injury.)

2. Have a playlist that will get you moving

Music is such a game changer! It can inspire and motivate you each time you hit the track. 

“My running must have is a playlist that fuels my mind while I’m moving. The mind is more alert and receptive when we move our bodies so I try to use this as an opportunity to take in leadership, emotional and spiritual development podcasts, audio books and/or music that feeds these areas.” shares Amia Freeman a certified Nutrition and Wellness Lifestyles Behavior Coach. Two of Amia’s favorte’s songs on her list include Jonathan McReynolds “Movin On

Aloe Blacc Love, “Is The Answer”. For more playlist inspiration visit the Workout playlist. Spotify also has an wonderful library of running playlists.

3. Create a running club. 

You don’t have to do it alone! Creating a running group or seeking out a partner will help to keep you accountable and committed on days you may lack the motivation. However it’s important to always listen to your body and take a break when needed. Some tips to get you started include: deciding on a route (make sure to try it out first), creating a list of people to invite and pick training days and times. Most importantly have fun!

4. Fuel properly 

The best way to fuel your body for a run can be very individual. Some people run better in a fasted state, while others need something on their stomachs. Do what works best for you! If you fall into the latter camp, think high-quality carbohydrates and fat any time between 2 hours up to 30 minutes before. too much protein pre-run can cause muscle cramping. (Tip: If you are on a Paleo diet you will want to focus on sticking to foods that are unprocessed and natural, think fresh produce.)

5. Check in with your mindset

Make sure you are being kind to yourself, all good things come with time and practice. Remember you are your own cheerleader so act the part with affirming words and allowing yourself grace. An additional mindset tip includes breaking down your running goals into mini milestones, this will set your mind and body up for greater success. 

The biggest takeaway is to remember to go at your own pace and start slow. You will reach your goals, no need to rush.