6 Home Workouts To Tone Your Body

By Anika Nayak

Laying in bed watching Netflix all day? As social distancing guidelines continue and gyms operate at limited capacity during this COVID19 pandemic, it’s easy to let health and physical activity take a back seat. 

You already know exercise is key to good health and wellbeing. Getting that blood pumping helps boost mood and prevents chronic illnesses including diabetes and heart disease. It also protects against numerous age-related conditions such as loss of cognitive function and sarcopenia — the loss of muscle associated with aging, according to Harvard Health.

Not sure how to stay active without the gym? Healthified spoke to Naomi Kong, a personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine about five workouts to tone your body. The good news? These all can be done right from the comfort of your home. Consistency is key, so make sure you are regularly engaging in these exercises to reap the full benefits. Now, grab some dumbbells and resistance bands and get moving!

1.      Banded squat to press (15 reps/3 sets)

  1. Stand tall with dumbbells by your shoulders, chest up and shoulders back. 

  2. Squat down and keep dumbbells by your shoulders.

  3. Keep weight in your heels, explode out of your squat and press dumbbells up with fists faced forward. 

  4. Repeat. Make sure you don’t let the dumbbells rest on your shoulders!

2. Banded squat jump squats (15 reps/3 sets)

  1. Place a resistance band above the knees and squat down with weight on your heels. 

  2. Explode into a jump.

  3. When you land, perform a regular squat and squeeze your glutes.

  4. Repeat jumping every other squat. 

3.  Alternating reverse lunges to bicep curls (10 reps per leg/3 sets)

  1. Grab dumbbells and get into a standing position.

  2. Reverse lunge on one leg, come back to standing position and biceps curl with both arms.

  3. Alternate lunging a repeat. To help protect your knees, make sure you quickly transition back into your squat when you land. 

4. Lateral lunge to press out (10 reps per leg/3 sets)

  1. Get into a wide stance position holding a single dumbbell close to your chest and horizontal. 

  2. Perform a side lunge as normal (weight in the heels, chest up, shoulders back).

  3. When doing the side lunge, push the dumbbell out in front of you and bring it back to your chest.

  4. Come back to the center and repeat the alternating side. Try not to let your chest drop.

5. In and out jumps (20 reps/3 sets)

  1. Get into a wide squat position. 

  2. Quickly tap your toes in, and quickly back out to squat and touch the ground with your hands.

  3. Repeat and alternate the hand that touches the ground. Find a solid pace and focus on getting your heart rate up.

6. Cross body mountain climbers (10 reps per leg/3 sets)

  1. Start in a plank position and ensure that your abdominals are engaged and tight.

  2. Bring your knee from one side of your body towards the opposite elbow.

  3. Repeat the movement on the opposite side. Focus on engaging your obliques and work those abs.