Alignment: Both in Career & Body With Fitness Studio Owner Jaclyn Forrester

Jaclyn Forrester remembers the feeling of finding career alignment: that sense of flow and energy that comes with pursuing something you are passionate about. Although she was hustling to make it work in the early years, she knew she had made the right move from her job in marketing.

Then in 2017, she found the space to open her brick-and-mortar studio. We discuss what it takes to find a location that works, and all that goes into building a brand and a community.

When COVID-19 affected our nation, economy, and all businesses in some way shape or form, she was forced to pivot. She launched an online platform Sculpt and Core Wellness to reach a stay-at-home audience. With full-body exercise classes accessible from anywhere, she decided to keep the program going, even after reopening.

In our conversation, we talk about business branding, movement, alignment (both in life and body), and functional fitness. Click below to watch or listen!

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