Why Empower Bars are Best for Metabolism

When I originally created the recipe for the Empower Bar, I didn’t try to make it “keto.” I knew I wanted a grain-free, low sugar option, made with real, nutrient-dense ingredients. A bar that actually fed you, and kept you full. A bar, that if eaten on-the-go, on an airplane, in a hotel room, in any situation for that matter, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting hungry until it was time for your next meal. So when my food scientist came back with the nutrition facts, specifically pointing out the low sugar content and net carb count, it suddenly made so much sense! The Empower Bars epitomize the beauty of blood sugar balance. 

We did a little research to see how the Empower Bars compared to other bars on the market in terms of carb count…We are so proud to show you the results!

A Carb Comparison

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On a similar note, we were recently reading Kelly LeVeque’s latest book, Body Love Every Day, and were excited to see we checked all the boxes in terms of what she looks for in a protein bar!

  • She suggests that the bar should be more protein and fat than carbs (check)
  • at least 10 grams of protein and around 5 grams of fat (check)
  • no more than 3-5 grams of sugar (check!)!

We take pride in our ingredients, and it feels so good to have our stats approved by a wellness expert like Kelly! Check out her book on Amazon at the link below!

Body love everyday

Taking a peek at the carbs in your packaged foods is something to keep in mind, and I hope that this message helped you feel more confident in choosing what is better for you!
XOXO, Sara

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