I Am A Multi-Passionate Wellness Entrepreneur And Busy Mom. Here Is A Day In The Life Of Recent Random Tuesday.

See this reel for a video version of the day unfold!

For years I have tried to find my footing as an entrepreneur. Given that I have so many interests in the wellness space and the work that I do on a daily basis, I can find myself bouncing between roles, easily distracted, and frustrated with myself for not feeling focused. I have been told that I am a “fire-starter” for my love of the early phases of any endeavor. I am a creative visionary who thrives in the “big picture,” easily excited by idea generation and end results. But as soon as I put my feet on the ground, find myself in the weeds, and get in the grind, I can fail at the follow-through. It took me a while to accept this about myself. Full acceptance has allowed me to acknowledge my weaknesses while playing into my strengths. I will likely never walk a straight line as an entrepreneur; I will probably always have my hand in a few different ventures, which I realize actually fall neatly under the umbrella of my passion for health and wellness. 

Speaking of health and wellness, amidst the “busyness” of being a mom and multi-passionate entrepreneur, I still highly value self-care. I tend to sprinkle small moments of self-care throughout my day, as it’s true what they say: you can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-care protects my sanity and sense of balance, allowing me to show up as a better version of myself for my family and business. I recently took note of a random Tuesday, and this is how it unfolded. 

6AM – 7AM

I try to wake up at least an hour to an hour and a half before my family. Having some semblance of a morning routine to myself starts my day on the right foot. After drinking a large glass of water (which I keep on my nightstand), I do a short skin-care ritual before heading downstairs to make my “frothy coffee.” This is one of my favorite parts of my day. While I no longer drink bulletproof coffee, I do still blend black coffee with local wildflower honey, cinnamon, and collagen protein for a delicious warming drink to start my day. 

I then head into my living room with my morning self-care essentials. For the first hour, I drink my coffee, journal, and read (something self-help and motivating – right now I am reading Be Your Future Self Now). This is also the time I do my gua sha stone and ice face mask, two habits I picked up on during the pandemic. I love the lymphatic effects of the gua sha and cold on my face in the morning. Not only is it refreshing, but it helps to calm my nervous system.


After taking this time for myself, I feel increasingly ready to turn my energy and attention towards others. There is a block of time in which I am packing my toddler’s preschool lunch, fixing breakfasts, emptying the dishwasher, and getting ready for the rest of the day. Incorporating smaller self-care moments throughout the hustle and grind allows me to reground in some pockets of presence. I “habit stack” the moment I have to let my dog outside by fixing a second  half cup of coffee, and getting some natural light in my eyes to support my circadian rhythm. This is typically when my husband and son wake up.


I am ready to crack open my computer and look at my phone. I normally wait at least two hours before breaking the seal with the screens. I take about 20 minutes to check email, make my to-do list, and get organized with any creative projects of the day, as this is when my brain has really warmed up.


My husband is usually the one to take our toddler to school, but given I had an early morning appointment (see below), it worked out for me to do drop-off. I loved this extra time with him! Seeing him greet his classmates on the playground after a long holiday break both warmed my heart and reminded me that these are the moments that truly matter. 


I then have about four hours to get stuff done. It turned out that this morning, I had my monthly massage, which I get for stress management and back issues. Ironically, this is when my brain tends to race the most, but I use it as an opportunity to practice presence, returning to my body and what is actually happening. I do this over and over again. It feels like a therapeutic mental and physical meditation.

10AM – 12PM

Normally I work from home, but I can get easily distracted. Sometimes I find myself doing dishes and laundry instead of working (easier sense of accomplishment!). Getting out of my house and into a different environment helps. I head to a coffee shop for a couple of hours – surrounding myself in that scene always makes be feel very productive. With a pretty matcha latte in hand, this is the block of time during which my brain power is at its highest. I try to reserve this time for Gratisfied sales, Healthified podcast prep, newsletters and writing. 


Before picking up my son from preschool, I do some admin things like checking my email and social media and tending to anything that needs it. 

Today I had to make some local Gratisfied deliveries to a couple of our retail accounts. Almost five years later, I am still the one delivering Gratisfied goodies to our local stores. It’s a good time for me to do some account maintenance, check on inventory, and have face time with the buyers.

1PM – 2PM

Carpool time (with essentials of course)! Seeing Mason’s face before he gets in the car after school is one of my favorite parts of the day. After getting home, I fix lunch, which is typically a big blood sugar balancing salad with leafy greens, healthy fat, high quality protein, and fiber from as many colorful plants as I can.. I quickly eat lunch (in the  mixing bowl in which I made it) while Mason has an after-school snack and watches 30 minutes of cartoons. He always resists his nap, and today in particular, he thought it would be funny to play “catch me if you can” ten minutes before I had to hop on a podcast recording. 


It had been a few months since I had a guest on my podcast, and recording a conversation with Frances of Mind Body Bespoke reminded me how much I love it. It is energizing and I always learn so much. 

3PM – 4:30PM

I have about an hour to an hour and a half before Mason wakes up from his nap (this is always uncertain, which is why I don’t schedule any meetings or calls past 2:30PM). The afternoon is also when my chocolate cravings hit, so thank goodness there are Gratisfied Cacao Granola Clusters to satisfy my sweet tooth in a healthy, blood sugar balancing way. I also add in some Pascha 100% chocolate chips (I love my chocolate dark!), for a brain and mood boost for the rest of the afternoon. I use this time to tie up any loose ends, look at the calendar for tomorrow, and plan the next day. I shut down my computer for the rest of the afternoon and evening. 


I rarely schedule exercise in the evenings. It is when my energy is at its lowest, and I would rather spend quality time with Mason and my husband at home (on the couch if I am being honest). I wanted to try something new today however, so I signed up for a yoga class at my club. Luckily, they have childcare there, so Mason heads to play while I get some movement in.