Have You Seen Our Combo Box?

Can’t decide which Gratisfied snack you’d want to grab? We can all run into some commitment issues when planning our weekly meals, so I decided to take something off your plate for you (while putting something delicious back on)! The new Combo Box will offer both the Empower Bar and V Bar in one easy shipment. By having both bars on hand, you will be able to pick and choose which snack you’ll enjoy without having to plan too far in advance. Same real food nutrition, two times the convenience.

Happy with your tried and true? You can always get those too!

Get your empower bars

Want to go full out vegan? Sounds good to us!

get your v bars

I hope this new box will offer a sense of freedom in variety, and that your days with a Gratisfied bar in hand are happy and fulfilling!

XO, Sara