The Mental Health Benefits Of Journaling

By Nadia Murdock

Putting pen to paper can be truly life changing. Sometimes your thoughts can get the best of you, subsequently forcing your mind to manifest bigger problems. When you journal you are taking control of your thoughts, and in return, may experience an improved mood, the ability to think with a rational mind and the capacity to prioritize appropriately. Writing down your thoughts can assist with keeping track of your progress, pin-point triggers and/or learn new ways to cope with issues. 

Michele Sammons an inspirational author and spiritual teacher shares her thoughts on journaling and the profound benefits. She explains “If you want to step into the flow of life, you must learn to listen to your inner wisdom. I’ve found that journaling is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clear your head and uncover your inner wisdom.” 

There are several types of journals that you can keep that include:

  • Gratitude journal
  • Dream journal 
  • Travel journal 
  • Blank Notebook journal 
  • Productivity journal 
  • Letter journal

There are so many options you can explore until you find the right type of journaling method that suits you. Sammons believes that stream of consciousness writing, a free-flowing journaling style can really be beneficial and can lead to Stream of Consciousness journaling. “This is when you allow your thoughts to stumble out of you and across the page without editing. You follow their lead by allowing your thoughts to jump from one subject to another while you take dictation without paying attention to order, punctuation, or sense.” explains Michele.  

Sammons goes on to say that by allowing your mind to dump onto the pages will provide the opportunity for you to distance yourself from the noise that may be going on in your head. This is where the magic happens; the mind is able to naturally shift towards inner reflection and growth. “Your inner sage emerges once you allow yourself to dive past the everyday mental noise of the mind to the ancient wisdom that resides within you.” says Michele

Need a journal to get started? Here are some great options: 

If you are feeling you need a change towards more mental clarity and peace, it might be time to consider journaling. 

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