What Makes Coconut A Superfood? Here Are Reasons To Consume It.

By Nadia Murdock

Consuming coconuts has many benefits, but did you know it’s considered a superfood? Some people aren’t aware of the various ways you can consume this powerhouse fruit. It’s available in more ways than one! You can get coconut as a protein, vinegar, sugar, flour, water, oil and milk. Coconut contains high amounts of antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals which is how the coconut tree earned the name “The Tree of Life”.

If you are interested in dabbling more in coconut based recipes and products, continue reading to learn more about the powerful components of coconut. 

What makes it a superfood?

There are several factors that make coconut such an excellent addition to your diet. For starters it has a significant level of both protein and fibre. Additionally, it is largely made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are an excellent energy source that are uniquely metabolized and can help with weight management if you need it. It can also be absorbed easily and with little digestive effort in comparison to other larger fats that are derived from plant and animal sources. Quick tip: If you are looking to give your metabolism a boost, this is also an excellent option. 

Common ways to consume coconut. 

The most common way to reap the benefits of coconut is through coconut water. You can throw it in your gym bag or have it handy throughout the day. “Coconut water is packed with all sorts of super food qualities.  It allows for your drinks to have natural electrolytes, which restore your body’s hydration levels (perfect while you enjoy a drink with friends!) Coconut water is packed with eight essential nutrients including potassium, calcium, phosphorus and is also a source of protein and fiber! We also recommend cooking with coconut oil as it withstands high heat and won’t break down like other plant oils. Baking with coconut flour is another great low carbohydrate, nutrient dense option.

Coconut can be added to your beauty regime

If you are looking to boost your skin health coconut oil is a great natural option. It helps to support the skin’s protective barrier layer by containing that moisture within the skin leaving a hydrated feel. In addition to that it reduces inflammation, prevents and soothes chafed skin and increases collagen production. Some experts may disagree and suggest that coconut is bad for your skin because it doesn’t penetrate the pores which means it can clog them. This however doesn’t take away the major moisturizing benefits that it provides. Try mixing coconut oil into one of your favorite facial masks that allows you to cash in on the benefits without leaving it on your skin. 

Ways you can start adding coconut regularly.

If you want to start incorporating coconut immediately and not sure how here are a few tips 

-Keep it simple: Try adding coconut water to your workout routine or even when mixing your favorite cocktail. 

-Experiment with new recipes: This doesn’t have to be complicated! Like this 3 Ingredient No Bake Paleo Friendly Treat or these delicious Coconut Squares

-Swap out some of your regular products with coconut based items. Try cooking with coconut oil instead of your everyday options. Swap out greek yogurt with coconut yogurt the next time you make a smoothie. Quick Tip:Coconut shavings are a great boost for your next salad too!

Enjoy giving your lifestyle a healthy boost!

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