What This Chef Learned About Food While Living On An Organic Farm

Kate Stephenson was living in New York City trying to find her footing while bouncing from job to job, yet she couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that something was missing. Eventually, she decided that she needed a change, so she took the leap and moved to Ireland, where she enrolled in a four month culinary program. It took place on an organic farm, which sourced everything she would be cooking and eating. From churning butter to growing vegetables, she immersed herself in a literal farm-to-table approach to food.

While Kate acknowledges she had been health-conscious (or what she thought was healthy) and possessed a long-held love of cooking, her life – and the way she viewed what we as Americans consume everyday – completely shifted. Not only did she become happier during those four months, but healthier as well, noticing positive changes in her skin, digestion, and mood.

It was the springboard to launching her business Kate Uncorked, which began as a private chef service for a handful of clients, evolving into a meal delivery service to reach a wider audience. Her philosophy is plant-heavy, gut healthy, offering four options per week, with plants being the central focus.

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