Did You Know This About the Sugar In Your Food?

We did some research on other bars and their sugar content…just look at how the Empower Bar compares! We are so proud of our sugar stat (or lack thereof!) and want to shout its stellar nutritional profile from the rooftops.

And this reminds me, in almost every nutrition talk I give, I discuss blood sugar balance, eating real food, and what to watch out for when reading labels. I encourage people to stop counting calories, and instead to pay attention to the list of ingredients and sugar content in various products. Many people are surprised, and then subsequently angered (as I was) when learning about the corruption behind many food manufacturers who hide sugar in their products in various forms. 

Not only is sugar highly addicting, but the food manufacturers know this. It’s why they put the sweet stuff in your food in the first place…to keep you coming back for more. They also know that when they disguise sweeteners under science-y sounding names, the majority of people won’t know what that is. But it is time to become informed, empower yourself, and take back your health! 

Our bars are baked with a couple of the lowest glycemic sweeteners there are: coconut nectar and monk fruit (a glycemic index of 35 and 0 respectively on a scale of 0-100). Coconut nectar also contains nutrition (vitamins and minerals such as zinc), meaning it brings benefits to the table; monk fruit contains vitamin C and has been used for medicinal purposes in Asia for hundreds of years

When reading labels, a good rule of thumb for sugar content is to divide the number of grams by 4. This gives you the amount of total teaspoons. In other words, a food with 16g of sugar = 4 teaspoons. Ideally we should be having no more than 9 teaspoons of sugar per day. The average American consumes 20-22 teaspoons per day. 

The Empower Bars only have 2g of sugar; The V Bar 4g, making both some of the lowest sugar bars on the market. 

And we are so happy to be sharing them with you!

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