How To Enjoy Your Food Without the Guilt This Holiday Season

By Nadia Murdock

Let’s face it, food is meant to be enjoyed. It’s one of the pleasures in life. With this being said, it never fails that every holiday season the conversation around food guilt, dieting and overeating always comes up. 

So what does this do to us mentally and physically?  Science has shown that food guilt has negative repercussions on the entire body. The intense shame and/or guilt that you may put on your body can cause you to gain weight. Our metabolism is influenced by our state of mind; everything is connected.  Our hypothalamus is that part of your brain that connects the mental inputs with the biological functions. If you are in a good state of mind when consuming your food, then the hypothalamus will release pleasure signals. 

On the flip side, if you are anxious about a meal you are eating, your body will recognize that worry and this can slow down your metabolism. Another tip is to simply be present and be delighted with your meal through the act of gratitude. “Cultivating gratitude can create an abundance of beautiful healing energy for you when your body receives its nourishment. The energy and thoughts you put into your food can directly affect the energetic vibration of the food and how your body processes, digests and receives it” says Serena Poon, Celebrity Chef, Nutrition & Reiki Master, Founder Serena Loves & Just Add Water

Picking apart your meal decisions can create a chain of negative self-talk circled around the food choices as well as how you feel about yourself. This can wreak havoc on your self-esteem as well as your biology. Poon suggests that as you head into the holiday season, you should acknowledge the nourishment you are receiving from food. “Focus on the loving energy connected to food even if you find yourself indulging, honor the moment and enjoy. Remember to also honor your whole self and get back into alignment with your regular routines.” 

Embrace all the good that comes from providing your body proper nutrition and try not to shame yourself for it. Making healthy choices will make it easier for you to see your food decisions as a way of treating yourself everyday including this time of year.