Here is How to Empower Your Meal Prep

For many, meal prep is such an important component to healthy eating during a busy work week. Often however, it can seem a bit daunting, and perhaps not really how we want to spend a Saturday or Sunday. My biggest tip comes in the form of a good ole’ fashioned mindset shift: I believe the thought of meal planning and all that goes into it can be perceived as overwhelming to people with busy schedules (the people who probably need to meal plan the most!). But if you break it up into baby steps, and even designate those steps to different days, it becomes more manageable. For example, maybe on Friday you peruse recipes and make your grocery list; Saturday is your shopping day; any actual food preparation happens on Sunday. This way, not everything has to happen in one fell swoop and you get into a good flow, eventually forming a new habit! 

I also asked Sara Pomeroy, food blogger and paleo advocate for her best advice when it comes to feeling prepared. This is what she had to say:

Meal prepping does not need to be fancy, and for me, in order for me to actually get it done, it has to be simple, and not everything I prep has to be cooked. 

In other words, it does not have to consist of fully prepared meals. What constitutes successful meal prep is that it EMPOWERS you to have quick access to healthy snacks, and prepared items that make putting a meal together quick and easy!

Here are some other tips & tricks: 

  • Include something already made. There are some great brands on the market that are marrying health and convenience. Gratisfied is one of them! Having Empower Bars on-hand means your on-the-go breakfast or your afternoon pick-me-up is covered. You could also pair one with your favorite cup of coconut yogurt or green smoothie to round out the meal.

  • Roasted veggies. Pick your favorites, give them a toss in some avocado oil, salt and pepper, and throw them in the oven at 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes. You can have them for an easy side or add to a salad. Wondering which veggies to include? We like to ask mother nature. 

  • Mason Jar Salads. Layer your favorite leafy greens, assorted nuts and seeds roasted veggies, or whatever seasonal produce you have on hand. Add a couple hard boiled eggs or some smoked salmon. Simply dress with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon and lunch is ready to go.

  • Utilize leftovers. When cooking dinner, plan ahead of time to make a little more, roasting extra veggies or grilling another piece of protein. Have it ready to eat for lunch the next day!

Get Your Empower Bars!