I Have Two Words For 2024

Clearly it took me almost two months to come up with a word for the new year (two words in fact). I gave up making resolutions a long time ago, and instead have always set intentions. Choosing a word seems to be the way to go these days, and I can definitely see the benefits. I love this idea, as it offers a lens to look through when making decisions, establishing habits, and checking in with how you want to feel. It closely aligns with the concept of starting with a motivational reason behind your goals, which increases the likelihood you stay the course. We have all heard the dire statistics behind resolutions, so rather than focusing on a certain behavior (lose weight, stop smoking, make more money), you choose a word that describes a mindset shift instead.


As many of my “aha moments” do, my first word for 2024 came to me as a result of a conversation with my life coach. We were talking about the concept of attention – where I am putting my attention, how I can pay more attention, how my attention is creating my reality. I once took a yoga class where the teacher encouraged us to “pay attention to our attention,” and it has since stuck with me. It almost sounds like an exercise similar to walking through a house of mirrors. The more you peel back the layers of attention, the closer you get to the core of your awareness. If we aren’t mindful of our experience, we allow our attention to swallow us whole until we and our attention are one and the same. But paying attention to your attention puts you back in the driver’s seat of your consciousness, thereby offering us a choice in what we are even paying attention to in the first place. I chose the word “attention” so I could remain more intentional with my awareness; to keep in mind that I am in control of what I focus on in my experience. Additionally, I’m not a naturally optimistic person, so I hope this word serves a reminder to pay more attention to the good, small moments of my day.


I am an introvert who honestly likes being alone. My “me time” in the mornings is a sacred space; I cherish the moments I am simply hanging out at home with my husband and son; I thrive in smaller, intimate settings rather than larger group gatherings. I love being alone, but I do not like feeling lonely. Over the past few months – blame it on the darker days of winter – I have felt myself shift into feeling more lonely. I am also in a season of life (as are my closest friends) that revolves around home and family (i.e. taking care of my toddler), and I honestly don’t get out much. Part of me prefers this slower pace of life, another part of my feels too stuck in the rut of my routine.

Research shows the detrimental effects of feeling lonely. Creating connection is an antidote, benefitting health and happiness in multiple ways, so connection is my second word for 2024. I chose it when I was making a vision board a few weeks ago. When I saw the word on a magazine page, it jumped out at me, so much so, that I glued it front and center. Given that I am an introvert, I actively need to set intentions around connection. I love having new experiences and doing different things with other people, but sometimes I forget until after the fact. In other words, it takes a little more ignition for me to get out and about, reach out to others, and make plans, but once I do, I always have a great time.

I love how my words cover both bases of my holistic health. Attention pertains to my inner world; connection encourages a change in how I am operating out in the world with others. There is a beautiful balance between the two, while each one feels intertwined with the other. Paying attention to my attention in social situations will serve my energy, while connection is also relevant to the relationship I have with myself.