Ways I’m Maintaining Self-Care In Motherhood: Mindfulness

By Sara McGlothlin

Before baby, mindfulness is something I practiced on a daily basis. My morning routine entailed gratitude journaling and meditation. I regularly attended yoga each week. I was always reading something spiritual. Acupuncture, breath work, and monthly massages were a part of my stress management. After becoming a mom, many of these things have been put on the back-burner.

In the weeks after Mason was born, all I could manage in the morning was my Five Minute Journal. Since then, I have picked my blank journal back up. I try to wake up at least an hour before everyone else to start the day with some coffee and quiet. When I let the dog out, I step outside for a few breaths of fresh air. Natural light first thing in the morning is beneficial for your circadian rhythm.

Alex and I also try to meditate for ten minutes before the baby wakes, although this doesn’t happen every day.

Hot power yoga at Humble Haven has been my saving grace for years. It feels so good to be attending a couple of classes per week. This practice strengthens me physically, mentally, emotionally.

I have also started to make monthly massage appointments again, which is not only good for my stress reduction, but for my back aches as well. Lower back pain after you have a baby is no joke!

Lastly, my daily stroller walks have helped keep me sane. For months, it was the only guaranteed time Mason would nap, and his afternoon nap still takes place in the stroller most days. It is also a time for me – to move, listen to a podcast, and be as present as possible. Some days I have to take conference calls while walking, but at least I can kill three birds with one stone!

What I’m working on.

Slowing down. Less doing and more being. I have a hard time sitting still, so this one is a real challenge for me. It feels like there is always something to be done, from folding laundry, to washing bottles, to answering emails. I’m teaching myself how to rest!

Appreciating the simple daily joys. The other day I stumbled upon a list of things I wanted to accomplish in life. I remember writing it on New Year’s Eve of 2019 when my ambitions had the best of me. I was exhausted just reading it! Becoming a mom has changed me in many ways, and while I still have goals and dreams, my need to achieve has become almost non-existent. I find joy in the simpler moments. But I think this is abundance: appreciating where I am while grateful for where I am going.

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