Healthified Travel: Austin, TX

By Sara McGlothlin

It has been a dream of mine to visit Austin, TX for years. With eclectic activities and a renowned food scene, it seemed like somewhere I wanted to go. So when my husband and I were feeling adventurous one evening, we booked a three-night stay in an Airbnb located close to Austin’s S. Congress area. We would have our 15-month-old in tow, so we were looking for a quiet neighborhood, but easily accessible to the action. We got the best of both worlds staying here (there was even a playground across the street), but were grateful we had rented a car. While coffee shops, restaurants, and bars (not that we go to bars anymore, but some of you still might), were a quick five minute drive, it would have been a lot longer on foot, especially with a stroller. But the Austin airport made it easy to rent a car, and you can check a car seat for free (we put it in a large black trash bag, and it did the trick). We did learn that Alamo allows you to secure a car seat with your rental, so we will know that for next time.

This trip epitomizes the 80/20 lifestyle I always encourage, especially when traveling. I firmly believe you can find something healthy on any menu, and choices can always be balanced out. When you visit somewhere new, you are more present to your surroundings, with a heightened ability to notice the small joys of your day. I always try and bring that mindset back with me.


Our flight left around 9AM, so after an early morning wake up call, we were ready to go. The only snacks I pack these days are Oat Bars and Clusters. These are all I need!

We rented a pick-up truck…when in Texas right?

Our first stop was on S. Congress for some lunch. On the flights down, I shared an Oat Bar with Alex (because Mason stole his), and had a handful of Clusters, so I was ready for a meal. June’s was recommended by our Airbnb host, and it was the perfect pick.

We ordered a delicious bottle of Greek wine, which I paired with the salmon nicoise salad. There is something about a meal high in quality protein and healthy fat after a day of travel! It hit the spot.

A couple of blocks down, we found Allen’s Boots. Supposedly it is well known, and I have never seen so many cowboy boots! It was swarming with tourists and bachelorette parties. I didn’t end up getting anything, as I had already overpacked, but if you are in the market for some boots, that would be the place to go.

We then headed back to our Airbnb to check in and relax before the evening.

We had plans to meet some friends at the Austin Beer Garden Brewery (ABGB). The atmosphere was exactly as I expected for an Austin establishment: indoor/outdoor, with picnic tables, live music, good food and great beer. As much as I love beer, beer doesn’t love me, so after a quick taste, I enjoyed my glass of wine instead.

I was still craving nutritious food after a long day, so I ordered the Mixed Greens salad (red pear, smoked almonds, picked red onions, avocado, goat cheese, tomatoes, apple cider vinaigrette). I did have some bites of Alex’s tacos and pizza. All delicious!


As always with a toddler, we were up bright and early. We hung around the Airbnb for a while, Mason ate an Oat Bar, I drank coffee, and then we headed to the playground across the street.

Breakfast at Cafe No Se

After the playground, I Googled “healthy breakfast near me,” and Cafe No Se was an option that popped up. I also remembered the name from our Airbnb welcome packet, so Cafe No Se it was.

I ordered an oat milk latte to start, and a buckwheat blueberry muffin for Mason.

He loved it.

Alex got the breakfast sandwich, and I ordered the quinoa porridge with toppings.

Our next agenda item a couple of hours later was hiking the Barton Creek Greenbelt. I ate an Oat Bar in the car to refuel.

At the end of the trail is the Barton Springs pools. We didn’t stop, but I imagine it would be a fun thing to do on a hot day.

After the walk back, there is a taco restaurant at the top of the trailhead, where we ate some lunch. I was feeling a plant-based taco: sweet potato, pepitas, guacamole.

Call me a natural foods nerd, but I did want to visit the original flagship Whole Foods store. It is where it all started!

Alex was attending the WVU vs. UT football game that evening. It was the original intention for Mason and I to go too, but the reality of taking a toddler to an evening game didn’t seem appealing. I made a salad for dinner, and Mason and I stayed in.


Someone on Instagram recommended getting the breakfast bowl at Two Hands. I immediately saw the acai bowl, so we made plans to eat there Sunday morning. The advantage to waking up early with Mason is that we beat the crowds. We arrived around 9:30am, and by the time we left, there was already a wait wracking up, so I would advise going before the brunch crowd.

Another pretty oat milk latte to start.

Mason had an acai smoothie.

Alex and I both ordered the acai bowls.

So good!

On S. Congress, there is a cute little grocery store called Tiny Grocer. We went there a couple of times for some essentials (coffee, snacks for Mason, etc.), and here is where I found H-Proof vitamins. You take them at night before going to bed when you drink alcohol. The vitamins and minerals aligned with those that I get in my IVs, so it really piqued my interest. I took them while in Austin and I can confidently say they did something! Placebo effect or not. Of course I am not encouraging alcohol consumption as “Healthified,” but I also like to share findings for real life. You can also get them on Amazon.

Eating some authentic Austin BBQ was also on our list, so we went to Terry Black’s and it was like a meat amusement park. The photo below does not do the compound justice, but just imagine a line out the door, with buffet-style stations inside. I ordered the smoke turkey with a few sides: wile rice, pinto beans, and an avocado (any place that has a whole avocado as a side is a win in my book).

After lunch, we ventured a little ways to Mount Bonell/Covert Park. A lot of stairs, a little hiking, and great city views.

We spent some time resting that afternoon, then started to make some evening plans. Alex has a thing for food halls, so after a quick Google search, we came across Fareground. One attribute that drew us to it was the outside space where Mason could run around. I still found myself trying to prevent him from hurting himself, but it was better than a sit-down restaurant. I ordered a salad with rotisserie chicken from Henbit with a double tequila soda on the side (which came in handy running after said toddler).


Another early flight had us up and at ’em. We both ate Oat Bars at the gate before our {delayed} flight.

A word about Oat Bars and blood sugar balance: I know I am biased, but I really experienced the blood sugar balancing benefits of our Oat Bars that day. Due to the delayed flight which left us no layover, it was the only thing I ate before getting home (9:30AM – 3:30PM). I wouldn’t recommend this by any means, but the reality of the situation was that Mason was freaking out on the flight home, my carry-on was in the overhead bins, and I just wasn’t able to eat anything else. While I was hungry when we got home, I wasn’t hangry, which makes a world of a difference. I was able to make an informed nutritional choice without eating my arm. I practice blood sugar balance consistently, so my body is metabolically flexible, and hunger feels different that if my blood sugar was not balanced. I feel very proud of my Gratisfied products, and only want to share about them because they make my life better, so there is a good chance they could make your life better too. For more information on blood sugar balance, check out my online course. Also, please enjoy a discount on Oat Bars and any Oat Bar bundle when you use the promo code AUSTIN10 on our online shop.

All of that to say, we had a successful family trip to Austin, TX, and it has quickly become one of my favorite cities!