Keep The Self-Reflection Strong With These 10 Journaling Prompts

By Anika Nayak

We all engage in writing for others daily. Whether it is sending a text to a loved one or typing up an email at work, we regularly engage in this act to express our thoughts and feelings. However, when it comes to writing for ourselves, the thought of may be a bit daunting. Yet this practice of writing our innermost thoughts and feelings on paper has powerful benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing, according to Harvard Health Publishing

Journaling, the process of keeping a diary or journal to track your emotions over time, can be a therapeutic tool. It gives you time and space to reflect, says Rachel Hoffman, LCSW, PhD, the head of therapy at Real. “Writing a few words about how you are feeling or just general thoughts each day is helpful in self-coping. It allows you to process through your thoughts and feelings, and also promotes “self talk,” which is a technique utilized in CBT therapy,” she says. 

Initially, a consistent practice of journaling is difficult to maintain over time. We’re always worried about others or events happening around us that we often forget to take time to focus on ourselves. Start incorporating some compelling reminders in your life to adopt journaling and stick to it over time. Some helpful techniques include buying a journal you love, using your favorite colored pen, setting up a regular time to write, and even journaling with an accountability partner –– like a spouse, sibling, or friend. 

When it comes time to journal, there are an array of different prompts for your needs. This year, take the step to curate a journaling practice in your daily routine. Maybe you need to inspire yourself and write about your lifelong goals or use visuals to draw about a risk you aspire to take. Regardless of what your need is, it’s all about making this time to take care of yourself. In order to best equip you with tools for your new practice, we syndicated a list of journaling prompts for you to start with. “These prompts are helpful in identifying and highlighting strengths we have discovered in ourselves and remind us to carry what we have learned in the last year with us as we move forward,” says Sarah Belarde, LCSW, a therapist at Alyssa Marie Wellness. Here are some expert-approved writing guides for a happier and healthier year ahead. 

  1. My happiest moment of 2020 was…..
  2. I was grateful in 2020 for…..
  3. Last year, I grew as a person in the following ways…..
  4. My favorite memory in 2020 was…..
  5. During the pandemic, I learned that I am…..
  6. The pandemic taught me that…..
  7. The habit I would like to change in 2021 is…..
  8. In 2020, I felt relaxed when I…..
  9. In 2020, my body felt good when I…..
  10. 2021 inspires me to…..

What’s great, is that these prompts can be brought down to a smaller scale. In order to keep up the habit, try asking yourself these questions at the start of a new month, or better yet, the start of a new week. We are always growing, changing, evolving, and you don’t need the stroke of midnight on January 1st to get to know yourself and needs a bit better.