Emotional Eating During COVID? A Food Therapist Recommends This

How you start your day matters. The choices you make in the morning – whether with your behavior or the thoughts that you think – can set the tone for hours afterward. Creating space and mindfulness first thing was often a discussion with my health coaching clients. Whether one wanted to establish better habits in the realm of eating, exercise, or something else, a positive morning routine can create a more empowered mindset.

I recently had a conversation with Sarah Thacker, a licensed wholistic food therapist who specializes in emotional eating. I was excited about our conversation because I believe there are many people struggling in this area, especially given the current situation with COVID. Stress and anxiety levels are running high (rightfully so), and turning to food is a coping mechanism for many. While we are transitioning out of quarantine, her tips are useful at any time. Her number one recommendation for healing from emotional eating? Establish a morning routine to get present and create space, tapping into your vision of how you want to eat, move, be the rest of the day.

Get clear on which choices will take you towards that vision or away from it. Incorporate a mindfulness practice of some sort. Whereas many people think of meditation (which can be powerful), it doesn’t have to be a formal seated session. Try deep breathing over your cup of coffee or tea, journaling, or even a walk in nature to ground. We discussed using your first meal of the day as an opportunity to be mindful. However you choose to spend the early moments of your day, make sure it works for you, and makes you feel more at peace.

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Sara x Sarah Thacker

For more information on Sarah, head to her website or find her book on Amazon!