Getting Real With Food Relationships With Blogger & Health Coach Katie Brown

Katie Brown remembers growing up with a healthy mindset around food. While it was a big part of her upbringing, it was never overly talked about, just something that was shared. Her mom was a really good cook, creating homemade meals. Her brother was a chef. It was something to be enjoyed.

In college (like many of us), she gained weight. Without a fundamental understanding for nutrition, she spent years in a weight loss/gain cycle. Her weekends were spent eating and drinking, and then she would restrict Monday through Friday. She finally reached a breaking point, making the connection between what she ate and how she felt. After establishing a motivating factor of wanting to feel better, she began to make changes in her diet.

She created her Instagram account @realfoodwithgratitude to share everything she was learning about the power of eating real food. Additionally, as she was improving (or rather getting back to) her relationship with food, she felt compelled to make that a part of her message as well.

In our conversation, we discuss how food blogging has impacted not only what she eats, but how she eats. How releasing the fear around food has been a game changer, and getting back to basics with cooking led her to more enjoyment for what she was eating. How fitness plays a role in her relationship with her body, and how both encourage her to stay consistent. Lastly, we touch on her relationship to alcohol, and how that has changed for the better as well.

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