A Holistic Look At Emotional Eating

Back when I was running my online course Counting Colors, I had an amazing interview with food therapist and health coach Sarah Thacker. Although that was a couple of years ago now, the information provided is timeless. And due to the popularity of our more recent conversation, I wanted to share this one as well.

We all have a relationship with food. It tends to stem back to childhood. Like any relationship, it can be categorized as positive, to needs improvement, to toxic. We are also emotional beings, and food is often something that can evoke and stir celebration, joy, nostalgia, loneliness, and pleasure.

Sarah and I take a deep dive into the emotional aspect of eating, when it crosses the line into an unhealthy territory, and what you need to know to heal.


Wholistic Food Therapy by Sarah Thacker

Counting Colors Online Course