From Bio-Hacking To Being Your Own Health Advocate with Tye Jensen

Tye Jensen has had his hand in the health and wellness industry for the past ten years. His journey started as a pre-med student in college, where he started to apply what he was using to his own physical wellbeing. Because the medical field traditionally lacks on the nutrition side of things, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to forgo going to medical school. Instead, he has founded companies rooted in the wellness space (Bare Nut Butter, Rootine).

He also has experimented with his own physical health, having tried various diets from veganism to keto, to testing his limits in fitness, and prioritizing good sleep. He eats for optimal “performance” (you’ll hear what he means by that term), but also believes in moderation and simplicity for sustainability. We discuss the four pillars of good health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management, and his philosophy and practices across each one. We also talk about “bio-hacking,” a buzz word in the wellness world, and how he no longer applies that to himself. Most importantly, he encourages being an advocate for your own health, and how genetic testing can provide you with powerful information about your body and needs.

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