Following Your Passion, Community Building And How To Have A More Positive Mindset Around Cooking

Laura Lea Bryant is a chef, cookbook author, and creator behind her website Laura Lea Balanced. She spent her post-graduate years in New York City, living a lifestyle that one day made her realize didn’t make her happy. That is when her interest in healthy food and cooking launched her into what is now her career. After enrolling in the Natural Gourmet Institute, she never looked back. She felt what it meant to feel aligned, and is now living her passion each day, immersed in an online community who resonate with her recipes, message, and overall amazing energy.

In our conversation, we discuss what it takes to change your path, how culinary school influenced her relationship with food, her advice for creating a better mindset around cooking, and her new meal plan service she offers to make food prep fun again. Watch or listen below!

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