Do These Healthy Snack Situations Sound Familiar??

In a recent giveaway post, hundreds of people commented on why having a healthy snack on hand was important to them. Reading over every single one, it reaffirmed my reasoning for starting this brand and bringing the most blood sugar balancing bars to the market:

Having a healthy snack on hand is important to me to get my nutrition on track and not indulge in things I shouldn’t be eating!

When you get hungry while traveling, it’s best to have something healthy and satiating handy instead of having to eat what is available, which might not be good for you!

I get headaches if I go too long without eating, so I like to stick a couple of options in my bag that don’t have to be refrigerated and that provide healthy fuel in a pinch! The Empower Bars totally fit the bill. 

Having a healthy snack on hand like an Empower Bar helps me ward off the 3PM slump! 

As a student, t’s important to have healthy snacks on hand as brain food for studying!

I work busy 12 hours shifts in the ER. Sometimes I don’t get to sit down to eat and the Empower Bar keeps me full for hours! 

Because…mom on the go. 

I could go on. Do any of these healthy snack needs sound familiar? When Gratisfied products are a part of your life, I never want you to feel like you are “in a pinch” ever again. Rest assured you will have something satisfying and satiating your body will be grateful for. 


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