Think The Thoughts And Take Action Anyway

I love writing these lifestyle posts, but sometimes my inner critic stops me before I even begin. It creates a lot of doubt and insecurity with the questions what’s the point of sharing this information? Who will read it? Who will care?

Ten years ago when I stopped blogging, it was those very questions that made me quit altogether. The beautiful thing about life and regret is that sometimes you are presented with the opportunity to avoid making the same mistake twice. I also know I have grown and become more mindful because I can think similar thoughts without allowing them to influence my actions. Or what my life coach calls “think the thoughts, then take action anyway.” In other words, the thoughts may still arise, but in separating myself from them, I can make a different choice. Ten years ago I quit; today I keep going.

Over the weekend, we spent a lovely 24 hours in Charlottesville. Our friend turned 40, and his birthday dinner was 30 minutes from Charlottesville in Scottsville, VA, so we decided to make a night of it. My mother-in-law has a house in Charlottesville, so she would watch Mason while we went to the birthday dinner. UVA was playing basketball that afternoon, so we headed up early to watch them play.

The day started out as it normally does these days with my jar of protein overnight oats.

I then headed to the gym for a quick 30 minute workout. It felt so good to fit it in before heading out of town. I have gotten really into strength training of late, and try to do three full-body sessions per week. I use the Alexia Clark app as a guide, but typically tweak the workouts and make them my own.

After my workout, I made a protein smoothie for the road.

I am a big UVA basketball fan, but this was the first time I actually attended a game since before COVID. The pandemic obviously put a wrench in the season, and then Mason was born in 2021. Going to a live game with a baby never seemed appealing to me until now. At two and a half, he’s at a great age to go. He actually sat through and watched the full first half (the second half we had to give him the phone to watch cartoons). He loved it!

On the way back from the game, we stopped at my favorite local sandwich shop Bellair Market. If you are familiar with Charlottesville, or went to UVA, you know this spot well. They have the best sandwiches in town, yet are located in a gas station. It catches you off guard how gourmet the sandwiches are.

A couple of hours later, it was time to head to the birthday dinner. The venue was at our friends hunting cabin, kind of in the middle of nowhere, but the location was so pretty. They hired a local caterer who served some amazing veggie-based side dishes, smoked meats, and pavlova for dessert (which I had never had before). I forgot to take more photos of the food, so you will have to take my word for it. Everything was delicious!

Waking up in Charlottesville is one of my favorite things. My mother-in-law’s house is tucked away in a wooded neighborhood, so there is nature all around. There is a sunroom in the back of the house with so much natural light. It is a peaceful place to read and drink coffee in the mornings.

I tend to get hungry before everyone else in the morning, so I brought a jar of my protein overnight oats. I am so glad I did!

Before heading back to Richmond, we went to The Juice Laundry, which is my favorite juice bar in town. They serve all organic, plant-based juices, smoothies, and bowls.

For my second breakfast, I went off menu and mase my own. My order:

Smoothie bowl made with coconut water, blueberries, banana, kale, collagen, topped with house-made granola, coconut, goji berries.

Smoothie for Mason

Someone had a fun trip!

When we got home, I had the biggest craving to stretch my legs. I went on a 30 minute walk since I had been sitting most of the day. It was the perfect reset before hanging out on the couch the rest of the evening.

Question: Is there something you want to do, but the thoughts/doubts/fears stop you in your tracks? What is one small baby step you can take to take action anyway?