It Feels Good To Feel Good

I am officially on the other side of a 48-hour stomach bug. I must have caught it from my two-year-old, who came down with it the week before. Every time I have that experience – bed ridden, fever chills, can’t keep anything down – I remember how much it feels good to feel good. It puts health into perspective, and I remind myself never to take it for granted. Because sometimes I do. When I am going about my day, feeling “well”, yet still finding something to complain about, I can forget how grateful I am for my health. Even if I write it down in my gratitude journal that very morning, my mind has a funny way of picking myself apart. But that’s the mind, and conditioning I collected along the way. When those thoughts arise, I simply tell myself they no longer serve me, that is no longer my reality, and I let them go.

Having solely subsisted on saltines, I am also grateful for colorful food. It’s ironic that when you are suffering from a stomach bug, the only things you crave are processed white carbs. I was able to drink a couple of green juices, but still, the lack of nutrition probably exacerbates the situation. By the end of the day yesterday, I couldn’t tell if I was struggling from the lingering effects of the virus, or the fact that I had pretzels for dinner.

That all being said, I am so happy to have that behind me. I was able to wake up at a normal time, actually get out of bed, share a cup of coffee with my husband, engage in my mindful morning ritual of journaling and reading, and eat a nutritious breakfast. And the fact that I am writing and not laying comatose on my couch is a huge win. As cliche as it sounds, I am going to embrace love today – love for myself, my health, and my family who takes care of me when I am sick. Happy Valentine’s Day.