Healthified Travel Series

By Sara McGlothlin

When I was health coaching, a lot of work with my clients entailed establishing sustainability with healthy habits. Routine is one way this happens, but what about those experiences and circumstances that throws someone out of their normal environment? Weekends, holidays, and travel are all examples of this.

I used to be someone stuck in this cycle mentality. It was only when I realized I felt better – and enjoyed travel more – when I carried my healthy habits along with me. It’s true that food is such a fun element of a new place, but it is not the only aspect that makes visiting a new place so stimulating. And new foods can be fully enjoyed – tasted and savored – without the guilt; without the overeating. Also, It can be easier than you think to maintain movement every day. Not to mention, when you are completely present and in the experience, former, unhealthy habits with travel can fall away more easily. I’ve traveled around the world and know this to be true.

However, I’m all about balance! The Healthified Travel series shows how healthy living can be taken on the road.