A Tip & Trick To Make Your Smoothie Blood Sugar Balancing!

Last week, I posted the above photo on our Instagram, and it drew some attention. In fact one person asked outright: you can put an Empower Bar in your Smoothie?!

Of course you can. And in fact, I even encourage it!

Aside from adding flavor, the macronutrient profile of an Empower Bar (and V Bar too!) is guaranteed blood sugar balance. The focus on healthy fat and protein, combined with the fiber from nuts, seeds, and superfoods, work to moderate insulin levels, resulting in even-keel energy after eating. Furthermore, if you consume one of these smoothies for breakfast, having a blood sugar balancing meal first thing will lead to more energy and less hunger throughout your day!

Lastly, given that smoothies are traditionally more fruit-focused, if you can “crowd out” the fructose with veggies and an Empower Bar or V Bar, you will also be doing your blood sugar a favor. 

Fructose is the type of sugar specifically found in fruit, and while it tastes sweet and delicious, it metabolizes differently than other sugars. Instead of being released into the blood stream like glucose, fructose is broken down a little differently. It doesn’t register with your leptin (satiety) hormone in the same way, increasing the likelihood you won’t feel as full; it is also more likely to be converted to triglycerides (fat) and stored in our fat cells. By adding Gratistified bar to the mix, the healthy fat, fiber, and protein will work to make you feel more satisfied, while avoiding that blood sugar spike and crash, keeping insulin levels at bay.

Get Your Bars!

Here’s a smoothie recipe we are loving these days:

Green Smoothie Recipe


  • cups full fat coconut milk/coconut water
  • 2 large handfuls of leafy greens
  • 3 – 4 frozen cauliflower florets, nut milk cubes and/or frozen homemade smoothie cubes (pouring a smoothie into an ice cube tray to have on hand)
  • ½ cup frozen blueberries
  • ½ – 1 whole Empower Bar or V Bar


  • Blend together and enjoy!

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