The Food Quote That Really Inspired Me

Many of my anecdotes these days starts with “I was listening to a podcast…” as I get a lot of my inspiration for health, wellness, and life from the likes of Lewis Howes, Rachel Hollis, and Lacy Phillips. During one particular episode of The School of Greatness, the guest Mark Sisson (founder of the food brand Primal Kitchen) was sharing his experience and sentiments about the packaged food industry. He said (paraphrasing as I can’t remember the exact words):

One thing I know for sure is that we are not going back…we are likely not going to revert to the way we used to eat – the low-fat, high refined carb, high sugar food.

I definitely agree with him, and know this not only means people are becoming more aware as food as information, eating more real, and tuning in to the way certain foods make them feel, but brands are starting to be built around these principles, and people are voting with their dollars to support health-conscious consumerism. And I am so happy to be one of them!

Having been in this industry now for a mere eight months, I can understand (notice I didn’t say agree with) why so many foods on the market are made the way that they are – shelf-life, scalability, etc. But if we want real change, then we can’t do (and eat) the same way we have been doing (and eating). So yes, maybe this means utilizing our refrigerator more than our pantry, or planning and preparing ahead of time so we have healthy options on hand. Small steps lead to big results!

As a brand, this means thinking outside of the box and doing things differently as well to bring you the MOST nutritious convenience. Can’t wait to see what is next!

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