How to Make Your Own Smoothie Cubes

In the frozen section of your grocery store, you can likely find options to facilitate your morning smoothie-making. From bags of frozen fruit and veggies, to packets of acai and pitaya, to pre-made smoothie cubes you can easily toss in your blender. Unfortunately, purchasing these items (especially if you are going for organic) can get a little pricey. That is why we have come up with a hack for you to be able to make your own smoothie cubes!

All you need is:

Next time you make a smoothie, contribute a couple spoonfuls to your ice tray. I actually do this every time I make one, so that I never run out! Then I use the previous day’s inventory in my next blender’s batch to avoid having to use regular ice (which waters it down) or too much frozen fruit (which increases the fructose content).

Another option is to make frozen nut milk cubes. Same kind of deal – simply use your dairy-free milk of choice, freeze, and blend along with the other ingredients!