From Food Blog To Health Brand With Carrots ‘N’ Cake Founder Tina Haupert

Tina Haupert started her food blog Carrots ‘N’ Cake in 2008 as a way to hold herself accountable. After getting engaged, her website served as a food diary of sorts to help her get “wedding ready.” However, what began as a hobby became a springboard for her career in health and nutrition.

Her brand has now evolved into a resource for wellness. While she still creates content, she offers so much more, from one-on-one coaching services, to online programs, to fitness routines. She describes her path as a natural progression, and loves to be able to help women with their health goals.

In our conversation, we also talk about:

  • Food relationships. How having a food blog influenced her personal relationship with food, and how it has changed over the years. In moving away from counting calories, to looking at food as nourishment (especially after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease), she has embraced a more positive mindset about nutrition.
  • Macros. The way that she eats not, and how she uses the tool of Macros not only for herself, but also to help guide clients to a more balanced place with their nutrition, while also taking into consideration body composition, hormones, exercise, and other aspects of their lifestyle.
  • Coaching. The benefits of using a coach for achieving health goals, and the shifts she encourages her clients to make, especially when it comes to weight loss and getting more toned.
  • The dieting mentality. How it can be damaging physically, mentally, and emotionally, and how to reverse it.
  • Work/Life balance. Her thoughts on self-care and the forms she prioritizes to reduce stress and stay balanced.