The Power of Community And What It Means To Feel Well With Shannon Siriano of Rebelle Con

Shannon Siriano knows firsthand the power of community. When she realized that was what she was missing most in her life, she worked to create the kind of community she craved. This led her to launch Rebelle Con, a community for working women which supports them both personally and professionally. With a background in marketing and business coaching, Shannon allowed her entrepreneurial spirit to guide her to a role where she feels most aligned: connecting women with other women, giving them a space to share, be vulnerable, and learn.

Wellness is a topic that is always talked about at each Rebelle Con event. She believes it is an important for women entrepreneurs to consider their own sense of wellness. For years she struggled with both mental and physical health. Additionally, she lacked fulfillment and the ability to manage her stress. When she found herself battling postpartum depression after the birth of her first child, she knew she needed to take the steps to heal. A combination of meditation, medication, and communicating what she was feeling got her back to a more balanced place. While she admits to not having it all figured out, and still having her moments, her sense of community has held strong. Her main goal is to set realistic expectations for herself.

In our conversation, we also chat about:

  • Stress management, anxiety, postpartum depression, and the steps Shannon takes to feel grounded.
  • How community can better ones sense of health.
  • What you can do to find more community in your life, and how to make new friends as an adult.
  • How her definition of wellness has evolved over the years, and the types of wellness role models she looks up to.