Living Well & Finding Balance Mentally And Physically With Locke Hughes

Locke Hughes is a journalist, content creator, and author who specializes in the health, wellness, and lifestyle space. In her current role as editor at THE WELL, a holistic health center based in New York City, she has been able to bring her passion for writing and wellness all under one roof. Her path has landed her in other positions in the industry, working for major health publications such as Shape, Greatist, and WebMD. Aside from her day job, she authentically shares wellness and lifestyle content with her personal Instagram audience.

While she has a beautifully balanced approach to life, she admits she hasn’t always felt this way. In college (like many), she struggled with mental and physical health. Not only did she suffer from anxiety and adrenal burnout, but confusion about what it meant to take care of yourself. She embarked on a journey to “figure it out,” educating herself on health and nutrition, and experimenting with various food and lifestyle factors until she found what worked. With the help of a functional doctor, she took the steps to get back to a good feeling place.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • How being so immersed in the health and wellness industry has influenced her personal self-care, and how it has evolved over the years.
  • Adrenal fatigue, and why it isn’t fully recognized by the medical community, and the steps she took to heal.
  • The holistic approach she took (and continues to take) to feel more balanced in her life.
  • The importance of sleep, and key takeaways from her book Melatonin
  • How consciousness, awareness, and mindfulness all play a role in achieving a better sense of health.
  • Lessons she has learned over the past year with the global pandemic and national unrest, and silver linings she was able to see through it all.