From Passion To Career With Blogger Brittany Mullins From Eating Bird Food

Brittany Mullins started blogging in 2008. It started out as a food journal of sorts, wanting to hold herself accountable after achieving weight loss in college. Nutrition quickly became a passion, and coupled with her degree in Marketing, starting a blog seemed to make sense. She continued to blog part-time for years after while holding various other jobs. Realizing she was spreading herself thin by trying to do both, she finally made the leap to take Eating Bird Food to the next level, making it her full-time career.

These days, the site is less of a day-to-day account of what she is eating, and more of a beautiful, delicious library of her kitchen creations. She incorporates lifestyle content and adorable photos of her one-year-old Olivia. She believes consistency and authenticity, as well as making the her audience the focal point of her purpose, has influenced her growth over the years (now having almost 400k followers on Instagram!).

In our conversation, we also chat about:

  • Her take on nutrition before starting the blog, and how her relationship with food has evolved over the years, especially since becoming pregnant
  • How restriction and dieting negatively impact your relationship with food, and the importance of mindset in a health journey.
  • The steps Brittany took to take the leap to turn her passion into her career.
  • How blogging has evolved over the years, and where she sees the social media space going from here.
  • Her inspiration for recipe creating and what a day in the life looks like.
  • How becoming a mom has changed her work, health, and self care.


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