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How do you incorporate an Empower Bar or V Bar into your day?
“They are my go-to when I don’t have time to make a meal at home before work (which is most days of the week), or if I need a mid afternoon snack. I’m a big bar girl and have been on the hunt for one that has good ingredients and keeps me full for at least 3 hours. In the past if I had one for breakfast,  I would need to snack in between meals.”

What positive results have you noticed since eating them?
“Staying full and not getting “hangry” before lunch! It’s such a reliable snack I can count on and not worry about my blood sugar dropping or getting random cravings after eating them! They truly are nourishing.”

What is your overall nutrition philosophy?
“I eat a mostly plant-based diet. I’m not vegan nor vegetarian, but I try and eat a lot of vegetables and berries in most of my meals, then throw in some seafood, whole grains, legumes, or other sources of protein.”

What is your favorite form of self care?
“I love HIIT / barre / and spin classes and also love getting my 8 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is the most overlooked aspect of wellness and is SO important!”

Favorite wellness quote:
“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”
– Michael Pollan 

“I am in LOVE with these Empower Bars. I either eat them plain, top with some cashew butter, or put them on top of a plant based yogurt or my homemade chia pudding.”