Registered Nurse & Nutrition Coach

How do you incorporate an Empower Bar or V Bar into your day?
“I like them with breakfast or after a workout and it holds me for hours. They’re just so easy to take on the go, to have at my desk, or with smoothies.”

What positive results have you noticed since eating them?

“I’ve noticed that since eating them for breakfast I haven’t needed snacks or relied on packing extra snacks. I can do what I need to do with more energy and less snacking.”

What is your overall nutrition philosophy?
“Nutrition is medicine for your body and it is meant to heal. It shouldn’t be seen as something negative or as a chore.”

What is your favorite form of self care?
“I love going to yoga, hot yoga, and meditating to help with stress. I also love salt baths!”

Favorite wellness quote:
“The best six doctors. Sunshine. Water. Rest. Air. Exercise. Diet.”

“These are my favorite bars on the market! So many other bars have so much sugar and you’re not as satisfied. Sara cares about what you’re putting into your body and I really agree with and appreciate that.”