4 Books That Four Health Experts Recommend in 2021

By Annie Burdick

Whether you have started the year full of vigor and ready to make adjustments to your life, or you feel stuck in a cycle of 2020 blahs, you’re not the only one, and there are sources out there to get you fired up and encouraged to make 2021 a more healthful, abundant year. Remember: small changes are enough to lead to great results. Whether you want to improve your mental health, emotional wellness, nutrition, sleep, or another facet of your health, starting the year with an empowering book is a great choice. So, here are four books that four health experts recommend most highly to start your year on a great, positive note. 

Nourish Yourself, Nurture Our World by Daniella Hunter

Many people start the year off by trying to lose weight in an extreme way. This cookbook is an excellent guide for nourishing the body in a healthy and natural way without feeling deprived or stuck in the kitchen for hours. The plant-forward focus is something that most people would benefit from health-wise, and the photography is absolutely stunning!

-Lauren Manaker MS, RDN, LD, registered dietitian and author of Fueling Male Fertility

Grit and Virtue Journal

Kick off 2021 with gratitude. Our clients implement gratitude journaling alongside other lifestyle and nutrition enhancements for overall well-being.  Research shows that gratitude journaling is linked to increased optimism, which is correlated with better immunity.  Also, the act of writing uses different parts of your brain verses typing, and rewires your mind to create healthier thoughts. It’s part of my everyday ritual using my Grit and Virtue journal. I love the simplicity of this journal and the motivational quotes on each page. Start by listing a few things you are grateful for daily and you’ll feel the impact.

-Christine Beal Dunst, CEO and CO-founder of Embody Wellness Company

eLIVate Your Life by Dr. Nona Djavid

So many self-help books today leave us without the tools we need to get to where we want to go. These books have the best of intentions but tend to be too theory based and leave us without any practical tools to apply on our journey. A book that I personally recommend is a book that I actually wrote: eLIVate Your Life. It seeks to change the world of self-help by providing the reader with the steps to take to activate immediate and lasting change. The book is a comprehensive, spiritual self-help guide designed to help you change your life forever. It also covers the seven pillars (energy, love, inspiration, vision, alignment, truth, and empowerment) that guide you to the life you deserve, emphasizing that now is not just “the time” for change, now is your time for change. We live in a world where our daily obligations and common distractions, like technology and the media, tend to get in the way of what we really want. So many of us have dreams, hopes, and desires that we let sit on the back burner while we continue to move through life on autopilot.

-Dr. Nona Djavid, nutrition & weight loss expert and founder of SoulScale

The Hormone Shift by Dawn M. Cutillo

As a Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist, I highly recommend The Hormone Shift by Dawn M. Cutillo.  Natural hormone balance is truly the missing key for many women struggling to lose weight or seeking relief from severe PMS and menopausal symptoms. Even for women as young as their thirties, due to excessive stress and the use of birth control pills, their hormones can easily shift out of balance, making weight loss virtually impossible. While many have ventured into using synthetic HRT and even Bio-Identical Hormone Therapies to improve symptoms, these therapies can actually cause more negative side effects. This book is a great read for anyone curious about hormonal health and weight loss.

-Noel Koenke, Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist, BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers